What I Treat


Please see below for examples of some of the conditions and problems what I treat. Please contact me for further information.


Osteoarthritis is a common but relatively simple problem to treat if dealt with correctly. I can assist in improving your pain, regaining your function and sometimes preventing the needless surgical option.

So, if you are struggling with painful joints or have stopped doing your normal activities feel free to call me.

Chronic pain
Chronic Related Pain

Are you experiencing longstanding pain? Previous treatments unsuccessful? Still taking medication? Would you like to get more out of life?

There are always alternative options. I can offer a second opinion, give you more time and a fresh start by looking at your case from a new perspective.  Call and see how I can help you move forward.

Post op
Pre or Post Operative Rehabilitation

Pre operative strengthening exercises and advice can be extremely important to  ensure a quick and safe return to home following surgery.

Likewise, post operative rehabilitation  is extremely important and helps both physically and mentally, in regaining independence and reaching your full potential as quickly as possible. Contact us for more details.

Strength & Conditioning

On occasions you may well just require some assistance in regaining your overall strength and conditioning. Or, are you looking to improve your overall physical fitness and endurance? I can assist you in reaching your goal.

MS, parkinsons, stroke physio
Neurologial Rehabilitation

Do you suffer from MS, Parkinson Disease or have you had a stroke? Maintaining your independence is important and rehabilitation needs to be specifically tailored.  Get in touch for more information.

Advice & Reassurance

Are you just looking for advice and reassurance on a particular topic or problem? Please get in touch for more information.