Don't Just Listen To Us!

Were it not for you, I would not exist. Feedback is always welcomed and valuable to help me grow, in order to give you the best care possible.

“My wife and I couldn’t recommend Matt enough. Matt impressed us from the the moment we spoke with his exemplary manner & professionalism. He gave us confidence & reassurance that he could help us with our different physical problems which he certainly has. We always feel relaxed & happy to chat with Matt & never feel rushed discussing the treatment & exercises that he recommends. I’m cycling & running again because of his treatment after the doctor recommended that I shouldn’t because he didn’t know what was wrong & suggested having a scan if it didn’t improve which it certainly has. We are very grateful for Matt’s services.”

Mr & Mrs Nutt

“I was assessed at home for my knees and hips. Matt took into account my scan findings and recognised a longstanding issue with my back. I was given manual therapy and a small number of exercises. Just one session has greatly improved my confidence, mobility and overall health. I can highly recommend Matt's positive approach.”

Mr Shaw

“After having surgery a long time ago, I was  told not to run. Although Matt assessed me for a different problem, his holistic approach led to him offering advice and reassurance for the previous issue I had. Following assessment, he reassured me that I could return to running. I was so happy to be able to get back to the activity I once loved.”

Ms Gayle

“I initially had reservations of using a virtual physiotherapy service but the online consultation was surprisingly effective. My knee pain has gone and I am back running.”

Mrs Gilchrist

“I went to Envisage Physiotherapy after suffering from repeated bouts of neck and shoulder pain. Matt took a methodical approach gathering background information and circumstances before examining me for the source of the trouble. By a process of elimination he arrived at the most likely source and then gave me recommendations for treatment and exercises to treat the pain, and also suggested changes to my working environment to make it less likely to recur.
I was impressed with Matt's thorough approach, he listened carefully and explained clearly what he was doing. After our session I knew what I needed to do and have already felt some relief. I would definitely use Envisage again.”

Adele F

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me resolve my neck issues. I will endeavour to keep up the good work of exercising. I particularly appreciated your attention towards both the psychological and work-related factors within my treatment.”

Mrs Carvelsky