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Mobile Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at The Dronfield Health Hub

Virtual Physiotherapy

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Mobile Physiotherapy (Home Visit)
Initial consultation - 60 mins - £85*
Follow up assessment - 45 mins - £70*

*Travel/ Time fees -

- The first 10 miles free (included in consultation/ assessment fees)

- Any journey further than a 10 mile (round trip from DE4 5HB) will be charged £1 per mile. (eg: A 20 mile round trip journey would be an extra £10 charge on top of the above fees).

Physiotherapy Dronfield Hub
Initial Consultation - 60 mins - £65
Follow Up Assessment - 45 mins - £50


Your service includes -​

Comprehensive personal assessment
Personal action plan inc: advice, guidance, treatment and exercises
Email outlining plan and exercises. (if appropriate & required)
Free correspondence letter/referral to GP (if required)

Charged Extras  -​

Personal coaching to assist you in reaching your goals. (Ideal for those who require that extra personal touch to promote motivation and compliance  - available for on location assistance, ie: gym, work) -  Please contact for more information.