Below you will find some valuable FREE resources for you to view. The resources will hopefully give you a greater understanding as to problems that are associated each respective bodily area together with differentiation and a little guidance as to how to manage each condition. Please click on the respective bodily area for more information.



Mid Spine




Please be mindful that these resources are for information and education purposes. Whilst you will gain some valuable knowledge it is always advisable to seek professional and certified opinion for greater certainty of the diagnosis and respective management. Envisage Physiotherapy are always in hand if this is required.


Telephone discussion

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Mobile Physiotherapy (Home Visit)
Initial consultation - 60 mins - £85*
Follow up assessment - 45 mins - £70*

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- Any journey further than a 10 mile (round trip from DE4 5HB) will be charged £1 per mile. (eg: A 20 mile round trip journey would be an extra £10 charge on top of the above fees).

Physiotherapy Dronfield Hub
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Comprehensive personal assessment
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Personal coaching to assist you in reaching your goals. (Ideal for those who require that extra personal touch to promote motivation and compliance  - available for on location assistance, ie: gym, work) -  Please contact for more information.