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My Mobile Physiotherapy Service

My mobile physiotherapy service brings all the features of a clinical assessment and management into your home. Focussed on quality this convenient service is aimed at those people who have lost their independence and find they are struggling to get out of their home or perform general personal tasks. Some of the clients I assist require guidance and assistance settling back into their home after a stay in hospital, following surgery or a fall. Others have unfortunately, have just become deconditioned and are finding it hard to get around or out of their home to fulfill their social calendar.

The service is extremely beneficial in order to promote early successful recovery. Assessing you in your own environment can greatly benefit the outcomes as it provides a better understanding of your surroundings and can allow treatment and exercise programmes to be specifically tailored using basic home based equipment enhancing the recovery process.


I aim to be a stand out provider offering a premium service for each and every client which is why you get more than just the standard most providers offer. The quality you deserve from a person that cares. Please see below for more information.

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What do you get?

My services consist of two stages - The Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Treatment. Please click on the links below where it will explain more about what is involved in each stage. 

The Initial Consultation

As with any consultation the initial assessment is extremely important. The needs of people are complex and understanding your history and personal circumstances plays a big role in being able to achieve a positive end result. You deserve to be given time to give your history and discuss any issues or worries you may have which is why I offer a 90 minute time slot to better understand your needs and to give ultimate clarity on your problem.

I will offer an explanation of the findings and then we can tailor an appropriate management plan dependent on your circumstances. I will then provide a 'personalised journal' containing all the information needed to help you on your journey including bespoke exercise programme with goal chart.

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Follow Up Treatments

Usually, follow up assessments consist of treatment and advice based upon the findings of the initial assessment, your goals and your level of progression. I offer 45 minute consultations which offers time for questions and further understanding of your progression to maximise your experience with my service.

Treatment is generally based upon your current levels of function and will likely consist of strengthening, balance and endurance exercises which in turn will help build confidence. In essence the sole aim is to empower you and help regain your independence to allow a safe and efficient return to the things that matter most to you.

What's important to recognise is that the plan will be based around your needs and together with my guidance and support we will move forward in achieving your goals. Regular reflection on progress along with feedback will also form part of these sessions to ensure we are being as effective as possible.

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A full comprehensive initial assessment of your current circumstances taking into account your medical and social history along with your future goals.

Safe and effective management plan based upon your needs to improve strength, endurance, balance and confidence. 

14 years broad clinical experience.

I listen to your concerns and understand your needs so I can tailor my services to meet your expectations and goals.

Quality service where you need it - at home.


Monitoring of baseline health measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels.

I give you more time with every consultation.

Personalised journal documenting exercises and goals. Extremely helpful to aid in motivation and track progress.

GP letter, if appropriate and indicated, to help with continuity of care.

Liaising with family members where and when necessary for reassurance and support.

Organising any home or personal adaptations that may be required.

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My Services

Mobility Enhancement

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I offer guidance and support to improve your mobility and function using strengthening, balance, coordination, and range of movement exercises leading to physical reconditioning and promoting self-confidence.

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Fall Prevention

I offer specific exercises, education and support to reduce your risk of having a fall, helping you stay safe and independent at home.

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Exercise Prescription

Probably one of the most important aspects of a person’s ability to function physically is maintaining a specific level of strength and flexibility. It’s also really significant in promoting independence and wellbeing. I will assess your current level of physical ability and offer safe and effective exercises to improve strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, empowering you to stay active and engaged in life.

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Home Adaptations

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Sometimes, simple and subtle modifications to your home environment can make a significant difference in your ability to function independently. I can provide recommendations for home modifications to optimise your living space for maximum comfort and safety helping maintain independence and reduce likelihood of falls

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Why choose me?


Time...our most precious commodity. I am proud to offer longer consultation sessions not only to enable me to really understand your needs but so you can ask questions and truly understand the process of the service and your progress. I feel this is really important for reassurance and confidence that you have the information needed to move forward with the service.

Above & Beyond

I recognise that YOU, the client are the most important part of the service which is why I will go 'Above & Beyond' to ensure a satisfactory longlasting results. Part of this involves taking a holistic approach whereby I will consider and use the physical, psychosocial and emotional factors to offer the best care and help guide you to reach the best outcome possible.


In order to make true lasting changes it’s extremely important to empower clients to take control of their health journey and overall well-being. I do this through education, encouragement, and ongoing support when and where needed. I will do my utmost to help you regain your confidence and ultimately your independence so you take back control of your physical health and become less reliant upon others.

Help where you need it

Many of my clients find attending a clinic difficult due to their physical difficulties so whilst having help on your doorstep is convenient, it’s also a necessity. I’m passionate about making a difference and feel that everyone deserves the very best of care and support to help improve their life. My mobile physiotherapy services are aimed at helping you become more independent and confident to improve your overall function so you can return to the things you love. Having a service come to you allows me to assess you around your home so I can see the everyday difficulties you may face and I can then offer a plan you can easily do within your home environment.


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Plan One

1 x Initial Consultation

10 x Follow Up Assessment


Plan Two

1 x Initial Consultation

5 x Follow Up Assessment


Pay As You Go

1 x Initial consultation - £129*
1 x Follow up assessment - £70*

*Travel/ Time fees -

- The first 10 miles free (included in consultation/ assessment fees)

- Any journey further than a 10 mile round trip from DE4 5HB will be charged £1 per mile. (eg: A 20 mile round trip journey would be an extra £10 charge on top of the above fees).