Always Find A Positive In A Negative


How do you find a positive when you read articles such as this?

Take a look at a newspaper or listen to the news on the TV or radio, or scroll through social media channels. Speak to your hairdresser or shop assistant when you next go shopping – most articles and topics of conversation are of a negative bias (Crime, Weather, Healthcare, Government, War, Jobs, Energy, Food). I’ll gladly ask you to prove me wrong by commenting on this post.

You see, given we are subjected to so much negativity within society, we then transmit this towards ourselves, our own personal lives and then give off this negative energy towards others. A lot of this is done unconsciously and it needs awareness to stop and think about it in order to spark the realisation and then attempt to change it. I was once told that human’s are creatures of habit, and it’s so true. We constantly feel the need to view social media posts, we watch and can access the news and read articles throughout the day; most being negative news. We like to comment and give opinions which is perfectly acceptable, but this constant exposure has the potential to drive more negativity in our mindset and this is portrayed in our behaviour within our own lives. The opposite would apply if we regularly expose ourselves to positive news and people.

So, back to finding a positive in the above article. Well, there are many ways to take a positive approach. Firstly, as pointed out above, trying to remove yourself or reduce the expose to MSM would likely induce more positivity within yourself. Being in a more positive manner allows you mind to be open to positive thoughts and finding solutions rather than being in fear of the consequences. Connect with people of a more positive mindset – it’s unbelievable how quickly you will feel more enlightened and see the positive in things.

How about reducing your risk of accessing NHS services altogether! Improving your physical and mental health is extremely important to maintain independence. Some people, become less physically and mentally conditioned with age, which in turn, increases the risk of hospitalisation or the need of healthcare. If you were empowered to take more control over your life then you would feel the benefits.

You know your body better than anyone, but what if you knew it better and had the confidence to take the right action to prevent disease (lack of ease or comfort)? Well, you can. You just need the right mindset. Bring positivity into your life – ask the right people for advice and empower yourself to increase your knowledge of healthcare topics so you can have more control over decisions. A good healthcare service should be there to support you in your decisions and wishes. It shouldn’t be a place to go where you relinquish all control.

Finally, research has shown that the more you worry and think about going into hospital or having a specific disease the greater to chance of this actually occurring. Again, the opposite is true – the more you think about being fitter, healthier and sound of mind then you manifest this within yourself.

You have it within yourself to improve your life, demand positivity, embrace change and seek help where and when needed. It may be the best thing you did.

Here’s to a positive and rewarding 2023. Your journey starts NOW.

Envisage Physiotherapy – physiotherapist and coach with a desire to improve peoples’ health

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